Undoubtedly, the most powerful of yagyas is Dasamahavidya yagya. If mediocrity doesn’t suffice you, then this Yagya is simply meant for you. Read in great detail here.

This Dasamahavidya Yagya is to invoke the 10 manifestations of the supreme feminine power. There are supposedly 10 goddesses who cover up the whole concept of divinity ranging from the subtle to the extremely supreme power, which can sometimes be terrific too.

The ten Mahavidyas are also called the wisdom goddesses. Maha denotes great and vidya signifies knowledge. The origin of these goddesses is rather a very interesting story. Daksha Prajapathi, the father of Sati, had organised a huge yagya for which he did not invite Lord Shiva, the consort of Sati.

The king considered his son-in-law as someone uncivilised because he sat in graveyards and dressed like a beggar. Shiva refrained sati from taking part in the yagya but she was stubborn. Shiva compelled her and Sati insisted that she must go. She was furious and her eyes turned red and bright and limbs trembled.

Seeing her fuming, the Lord closed his eyes and opened them. To his horror, there stood a fearful form before him that changes itself and becomes old her graceful self disappearing. She develops four arms, her complexion becomes dark and her hair messy, her lips are wet with sweat and her tongue lolls out and moves from side to side. She is cloth less except for a garland of severed heads and she wears the half moon as a crown. She sparkles like million rising suns and the whole world reverberates with her shattering laughter. Seeing this, Lord Shiva tries to flee the scene but is stopped by the ten forms at ten different exit points. These ten aspects came to be known as Mahavidyas.

The wisdom goddesses manifest themselves in different stages of consciousness. From fierce to calm, these incarnations are revered by tantric practitioners all over the world.

The divine mothers are no one other than Goddess Kali, Tara, Tripura Sundhari, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamastha, Dhumavathi, Bagalamukhi, Mathangi and Kamala.

Each of these goddesses resembles a particular trait and they are as follows:

  • 1. Maha Kali: The goodness that destroys evil power
  • 2. Tara Devi : The universe bearer and boundless space
  • 3. Sadhoshi/ Tripura Sundari : The symbolification of purity and wholesomeness
  • 4. Bhuvaneshwari: The symbol of being against materialistic world
  • 5. Bhairavi: The teacher of a desireless and temptationless world
  • 6. Chinnamastha: The symbolization of self-sustenance
  • 7. Dhumavathi: The Goddess who preached destruction by fire against the harmful
  • 8. Bagalamukhi: The Goddess who taught living against jealousy, hatred and cruelty
  • 9. Matangi: The power of domination
  • 10. Kamala Devi : The Goddess of fortune

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