Maun Shivir

Maun Shivir

Peaceful lovers, brothers and sisters! The ultimate achievement of human life is peace. He is in the concentration and stability of the mind. He can get him through psychoanalysis and meditation. There is great power in mind concentration. Meditation makes the heart strong, concentrated and calm and increases in consummation. Staying away from exhaustion, restlessness, frustration, communicates a new embarrassment, strong confidence and perseverance in life. Hypnosis, stress, anxiety, irritability, heart disease, etc., from meditation, certainly benefits. It has physical, mental, intellectual, practical and spiritual benefits for all the children, young people and old people. It is the best job in life to stop the movement of mind.

Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati’s instinctive meditation and meditation is very easy to do. They direct us that not only do the discourse of mind from the discussion of the mind of the mind. Man cannot be happy without washing psychosis.

What is that meditation? How to meditate? What is his method? What obstacles come in the practice period? How can these hurdles be overcome? What are the benefits of meditation? What obstacles come in the study period? For the solution of all these doubts, Contact us today.

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