About Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati

About Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati !

Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati is well known personality in Vedic & a karmic & religious activity, Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati belongs from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati went on various pilgrimages traveling throughout India stopping in ashrams and attending religious festivals. She is known for her siddhis or yogic powers. The over flowing compassion and motherly affection make her ever smiling face even more spellbinding. She, herself, has been the subject of numerous magazine and newspaper articles. She is also featured in many other books, as well as TV appearances.

Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati is devoted in Service of human beings Indian as well as NRI and Foreigners through Vedic Yagya, Sanskaars, Mahayagya Special Anushthans, Jaaps-poojas, Vastu, and Mantra Etc. She has treated thousands of people by her services & they have been benefited up to great extent.Today none in the world is completely satisfied with their life due to financial mental, social, physical & personal problems. Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati is caring and curing each and every person with all the possible angles, so that the appropriate results come through it and best solution come to the victim.

Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati gained renown in the India for her knowledge as well as her skill in organizing large-scale Yagyas. She is providing Traditional Vedic Yagya, Sanskaars, Special Anushthans, Pravachan, Jaaps-Pooja-Paath services and Vaastu, consultations independently throughout the Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Punjab, Rajasthan & other city all over India. According to her Yagya is the Life giving activity. This tradition is being followed from the beginning. Yagya helps in the Purification of the Environment. There is significant rainfall where yagya organised. Yagya is the most pious and simple means to establish the connection with the God.

Individuals who are new to the Vedic Tradition appreciate her openness and patience in explaining the meaning of the Vedic Yagya's. Indians and other Hindus of all sects appreciate her depth of knowledge and mastery in performing Vedic Yagya's, Pooja's and anusthan of all varieties.Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati has dedicated her life to bringing the blessings of the Vedic Tradition to all who are interested. She welcomes the opportunity to serve all those who have a sincere desire to worship the Divine in its many manifestations. She is happy to discuss your needs and desires with you to determine which Vedic Yagya, Vedic Sanskaas, Mahayagyas, Special Vedic-Anushthans, Jaap-pooja–paath, Vedic-Vaastu, and Mantra would be most beneficial.

Through this website you can find the best option and customize option for your problem and the most important concept of the site is that you net need to come to us from your place whether you are in Kanpur, Delhi, Mumbai or New York, London; can get our services at your door.

Her realization is an example, an inspiration, a gift. Her bhava comes from pure intuitive experience. Her message transcends all boundaries and religions as she builds bridges across continents, cultures, and creeds.


“Mind is the store house of all powers. It is power of destruction & liberation too. If mind rules you it destroys you. If you rule the mind than it liberates you.”

Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati Sadhak of Maa Kamakhya Devi ; did sadhna at veer bhoomi tara peeth , west Bengal.
She is the shishya of first Gurudev Shri Gorakhnath Babaji & second is Shri Ram Prakash Verma ji.

Sri Gorakh Babaji - Immortal Yogi of the Himalayas

Himalayan Tapaswi Yogi Sri Gorakh Babaji gives a spiritual discourse on the essence of atmabodh or self-realisation.

Babaji is an enlightened master, deeply revered and loved by those whose lives have been touched by his 'darshan'. In truth he lives in many different realms. He belongs in the world of the sages and the masters, the rishis, the siddhas and yogis. And he moves with utmost simplicity among his devotees, his disciples and those who seek his darshan with an open heart. They know the immortal mahayogi as they know you and me.

Shri Ram Prakash Verma ji

The Strong Seeker of truth….he is totally driven by yogic & astrological wisdom & powered by Vedas. Since childhood, he has been a philosopher. Keen observations & more observations…contemplating on what is happening in and around him. He always looked at others and tried finding the real motto of their conversations & behavior. His purpose includes to utilize, astrological skills in guiding & motivating individuals for leading better life & to build a better future. He nurtured Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati like a Guardian. He also gave guidance in the spiritual life of Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati.