Puja is the act of showing reverence to a god, a spirit, or another aspect of the divine through invocations, prayers, songs, and rituals. An essential part of puja for the Hindu devotee is making a spiritual connection with the divine. Most often that contact is facilitated through an object: an element of nature, a sculpture, a vessel, a painting, or a print. Puja means worship,devotion and reverence. Puja is believed to be derived from the word 'pu-chey',or worship. The term puja is now used to include all forms of worship, ranging from the simple daily offerings of flowers, fruit, leaves, rice, sweetmeats and water to the deities in homes or temples, to the sacrifices in temples dedicated to Kali, Durga and other female deities.

Our puja services assist you in connecting with the spiritual force from the comfort of the house or work place. Pujas have been the Hindu form of worship, since time immemorial. It is an undertaking to show veneration to the Gods and Goddess of Hindu culture. It involves praying, calling on the deities, chanting mantras, singing hymns and Bhajans, etc. Performing a Puja keeps us in tune with the cosmic forces and eliminates sadness whereby ushering spiritual elevation. Pujas are of prodigious significance to seek peace and prosperity in all spheres of our lives.

A Puja could be undertaken for family well-being, kids and new-borns, education, seeking financial stability, removing negative forces from an individual’s life, getting rid of malefic effects of planets, seek blessings from the Lord, success at work, harmony at home, or to start new relationships on a sanctified note. The reasons are endless. But special care must be taken to perform the Puja accurately as per Vedic traditions. Our Pujas are performed by accomplished Pandit who undertake the entire ritual in accordance with the Hindu scriptures. With our Puja Services, you can get a highly qualified Pandit, who will plan the Puja according to the most auspicious time for the devotees; to gain maximum benefits.

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