Wonder Remedies

Wonder Remedies

  • People who have problems with their sinuses in the cold weather should sleep after putting a bit of "shadbindu" oil in their nostrils.

  • Cinnamon is a spice that greatly improves the brain's power and body's strength, it can also help reduce lisp (tutlana). Doing deep breathing exercises along with taking cinnamon will prove even more beneficial.

  • Many dogs (usually stray ones) run after or bark at some people/children, this is due to their Shani and Ketu being negative. Such people should tie 7 knots in a black thread and wear that either around their knee or their ankle. If the dog still runs after/barks at them, they should not run or hit it, but just stand there with their fists closed and their teeth clenched.

  • If you keep getting a fever, note down the time that you get the fever. Take 2 green chillies, remove their seeds, and tie them to the toes of each feet with a thread of any color about 3 hours before you usually get the fever. The fever should get resolved completely soon.

  • Are you afraid of some unknown fear, then start taking some "ashwagandh" morning and evening - just let it melt in your mouth on its own slowly. Wearing the root of the "ashwagandh" in a gray colored thread around the neck will also prove helpful. It will reduce the baseless anxiety/fear caused by Ketu.

  • People who experience problems in travels or realize that any time they travel for some purpose, they return home empty handed, need to offer a coconut to Lord Bhairav before their journey.

  • If your extended family members are not happy with you, then take some rice, supari, white flowers, and some sweets for them when you go to their home for a visit.

  • Anyone having problems with severe itching should try the following: take a lot of neem leaves and dry them; grind them; mix them with coconut oil. Apply this on the skin and cover with cotton. The itching should subside soon after. Drinking aloe vera juice will also help combat itching especially in winters.

  • If the family members in your home have a lot of stomach problems, then make sure you light a candle in the South-East direction of your home in the evenings and also use white "hing"/asafoetida in your food.

  • If you suffer from anxiety during your exams, ask your mother to put a silver chain around your neck on a Monday. It wil help you feel more calm and help you remember and express more of what you had studied.

  • If you experience a lot of pain in joints, add some ajwain to sesame seed oil and warm it up. Then wrap it in some cloth. Once the oil stops dripping from the cloth, use that as a heat compress on the areas that hurt. Use this as first aid before getting proper treatment.

  • If you're feeling weakness in the mind (memory problems etc.), then start taking saunf+fresh coconut+mishri mix at least a couple of times in the day.

  • If you have a headache, break down nutmeg and mix in some cow's milk. Apply the paste on your forehead. If you do this everyday, twice a day, then your head ache will eventually go away completely.

  • To get promotion at the workplace, offer a bead/mala made of supaari to lord Ganesha and meditate on him after making this offering and ask him for the promotion.

  • If the relations between the husband and wife are deteriorating, then they should stop eating bananas and instead plant a banana tree together on a Thursday once a month.

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