Shat Chandi Yagya is performed to get the blessings of divine mother. Generally this puja is conducted on full moon day, so that the immense power of moon rays can enter in your body. You will feel sudden positive changes in your life after performing Shat Chandi Yagya Havan. It is the combination of holy mantras which are imported from Saptashati Puran. We offer this yagya according to your problem, if you have some serious problem which is needed quick action then we perform it with Samput Path.

Significance of the shat chandi yagya:

This yagya with samputit path is an intricate ritual of great value and enormous consent from the divine Mother. As the mother of world, she knows about the needs and desire of people. Devotees make a sankalp and pray to goddess to fulfil our desires and wishes. The yagya helps in providing the entire happiness and ecstasy of the world.

Importance of shat chandi yagya:

The shat chandi yagya with samputit path is the worship of goddess as mother and samputit enhances the auspiciousness of the chandi path and eradicate entire problems of life. It is carrying out to attract the attention of goddess durga, the ultimate source of energy in this world and ask for her help and blessings in life. The yagya with samputit path is one of the forms of devotion (bhakti) and performed with admiration and modesty to please the goddess.

Benefits of shat chandi yagya:

The shat chandi yagya with samputit path is performed for attainment of soothes of life and lots of glee and affluence. This yagya is strong and adequate to confiscate the state of fear from its devotees. It frees from the debts and prevents from all kind of misfortune and agony. The yagya grants the disciple with success, authority and power. The yagya kills all the demons and evil forces coming in life. The prayer executed brings in plentiful opulence; melt down the ego and gives strength in life. The yagya makes us spiritually and mentally strong. It enhances the slept energy and opens the path of salvation. The yagya with samputit invokes the positive energy surrounding us and helps in conquering the enemies of our life.

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