Welcome to Mahashakti Pariwar !

Mahashakti Pariwar operates with a strong faith in Indian Culture, Vedas, Vedic Traditions, Mantra, Jap, Tap and Ancient Astrology. We are a trusted name as a Service Provider of Vedic Yagya & Anusthan Services. With our domain expertise, we hold specialization in providing Vedic Astrology Services of Havan and Pooja, Karmkand & Anusthan and Yagya Services. We have gained expertise in providing Vedic Astrology Services to help fight every problem and open doors for all the good and positive energies.

Mahashakti Pariwar is one of the prestigious and recknowned experience group in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, which presents the variety of pujas and all karmkand related to the hindu religion. Mahashakti Pariwar is one stop place for all worship need; where we provide all kind of Puja/ Path/ Yagya/ Homa/ Anusthan/ Vrat-Katha/ Pravchan/ Mantra Siddhi Jaap/ Sanskar Puja / Maun Shivir for divine and blessings, Good Health, Wealth and Prosperity of the self confidence and courage . We are trusted for performing Karmkand & Anushthan in the best way due to the knowledge and experience of our acharyas. The after effects of Karmkand performed by our experts are known best for eliminating all sorts of sufferings and misfortune. Our acharyas conduct the Anushthan by following the horoscope of clients and conduct the ritual in a systematic and effective manner.

Besides regular relief & services, special camps are also arranged with eminent doctors providing consultancy and medicines distributed to the poor free of cost. Needy School Children are provided with free books, stationary, school uniform as per their needs by Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati so that they too could pursue their study. Ration, Cash, clothing etc are also given out to old people and widows having no one to look after.


“For one’s own libration and for the welfare of the world”

The Vision is to “establish Mahashakti Pariwar wherein it will be the prime objective to foster Vedic glories, both worldly and Devine, based on modern scientific, to promote a healthy mind and a vibrant body enabling facilitation of spiritual development to rejuvenate latent noble virtues in people particularly, so that their lives optimize the value of health-wealth-prosperity-Motto statement.”

Mahashakti Pariwar Vision is to develop center at each city of worldwide with a vedic development work, the center will be built up, managed and controlled territorially such that Mahashakti Pariwar can conveniently reach at every point of our country particularly villages and remote areas. A series of development will be conducted in different formats to bring about Vedic/ Religious related awareness.


"To fill in as an extension between the sufferings and there fanciful and logical cures." The target of every one of our endeavors is to expel all kind of agony (Planetary, Vastu, Mental, and Physical) of overall population through the all-around perceived Indian antiquated science.

  •  We are dedicated to help drive away sin, suffering and pain worldwide.
  •  We are committed to transformation of humanity through self-awareness leading to inner bliss and living enlightenment.
  •  We are committed to performing best rituals for path of spiritual enlightenment.
  •  We keep prices reasonable for the benefit of the humanity.
  •  We promote further research in this path so that the knowledge may be used for the benefit of all.