Consultation for Remedies on Money Problems & Finances

(As per the age old vedic & modern remedial astrology, the client is provided with Precise Remedies & Solutions for their Money & Financial Problems & Its Related Issues.It will include the various types of remedies, upaye, right yogas and nakshatras to do that upaye with day, date and time slot, best time of the year which will give you some relief from this problem, which metal is to be used, best color & number to be used for that year for relief (as per astro numerology & astro color therapy), mantras to be enchanted, power remedy, Vastu Remedy for this problem & daan-punya-samarpan samagri with day-date-time of daan etc.)

Your financial status is a deciding factor of your pleasure or pain. Achievement of financial stability is a life goal for every individual. This report indicates the amount of wealth you will acquire and money you will make as precisely as possible. It is an assessment of hay days and dark days. This report highlights your potential sources of income such as – business, profession, income through art and literacy, games and sports, counseling as well as windfalls, lottery, inheritance, money through dubious practices etc. This report deals with the elixir and nectar of life science i.e Money and Finance.

Get Your Health Report

Health is wealth but this wealth is not easy to come by. Sometimes it so happens that certain health concerns do not show up easily and remains undetected for years. However, a proper health report by Sri Maa Yog Yogeshwari Yati can come to your rescue. She will analyze your horoscope thoroughly and highlight the health concerns that might surprise or a timeline in which you must look after yourself strictly.

This report will also answer the following questions:
1. What would be the strength of the horoscope on the Health front?
2. What kinds of health problems are foreseen, Chronic or Short Term?
3. Sensitive body parts with the betterment guidelines and remedies.